The University of Santander is a non-profit private university which was founded by Dr. Fernando Vargas Mendoza in 1982. With 32 years of existence, the University of Santander has gone through the entire educational process, from a technical and technological institution to that of a full-fledged university. It is organized according to its own statutes in line with the provisions of Law 30 of 1992 and has the approval of the Ministry of Education via Resolution No. 6216 of December 22, 2005, with Legal entity status 810 of 1996.


During its 32 years of existence, the University of Santander has trained skilled professionals in different branches of knowledge; has expanded to four locations in Bogotá, Cucuta, Valledupar and Bucaramanga, becoming the leading university of eastern Colombia, which has characterized it as a center for professional studies deeply attuned to the region and willing to contribute to the social, political, economic and environmental development of the country.

Today the University presents a comprehensive educational plan with 87 academic programs in areas of health science, administrative sciences, basic sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, law, marketing and advertising as well as in the area of technology, all which retain their relevance and social impact.


The University of Santander, UDES, trains citizens in a comprehensive way with a very good academic and professional level of quality, with an international projection, competent in different areas of knowledge, sensitive to the rational use of natural and technological resources; it produces citizens that contribute to the relationship with the environment, human development, art and culture. The University develops research and extension activities providing visible results for solving problems in the region, the country and the world, in a framework of democratic principles and ethical and aesthetic values.


In 2018 the University of Santander, UDES, will be recognized in regional, national and international contexts for its high academic quality, the competence of its professionals and its contribution to economic, political, social and cultural development.

Our Symbols


Compañeros un futuro forjaremos 
con la ciencia, constancia y la virtud 
los frutos de nuestra formación 
brindaremos con orgullo a la nación.

Fundador de visiones memorables 
heredero de un sueño ancestral 
convocando a las mentes soñadoras 
nace un templo de sabiduría.

La UDES será nuestra insignia 
emblema de calidad humana 
adalid en nuestras batallas 
distintivo del buen profesional.

Pioneros de la institución 
su luz que brille con amor 
es semilla que crece en la ciudad 
como ejemplo para la humanidad.

Universidad el ser hace tu camino 
de autonomía con responsabilidad 
libertad del espíritu pensante 
y poder del saber intelectual.

Profesionales el país los necesita 
edificando la paz con armonía 
servir a quien lo necesite 
agradeciendo, siempre al redentor 
la UDES para servir a la nación.

At the top of the shield of the University of Santander you find an inscription in Latin: "Magna Educatio ad Mellior" which means "Higher education for the best" that constitutes the raison d'être of our institution: a college education aimed at training professionals who meet the highest standards of competence, integrity, loyalty, transparency and sense of responsibility.

The Andean condor, the central figure of the shield, represents the spirit of autonomy and freedom that inspires the citizens of South America, the courage and the vision of a global integration that, as the sight of the condor, accompany and perennially inspire our ideals.



The golden color of the background of the shield symbolizes the wealth of our country, Colombia; it represents not only the mineral resources but also the immense profusion of wildlife as well as the mixing of different racial groups as indigenous, European, African and Asian, all of which gave birth to Latin American men and women.

The blue edge of the UDES acronym and the ribbon that crosses our shield represent the color of our two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific: our hydrological wealth and the blue sky above the snowy peaks of our three mountain ranges, the great peaks, vast valleys and savannas, as well as the fertile lands of the eastern plains.

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